Hurricane Relief


Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts

As of October 4, nearly 50 credit union branches are still closed due to staffing, power outages, damage to buildings, etc. caused by Hurricane Ian. While we have fortunately seen this number decrease from more than 100 on Friday, we know assistance is helping, but more is needed. Well over 100 union employees have been relocated and many more are still without power.

This past weekend, the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates made multiple rounds of generator deliveries, along with gasoline and other recovery equipment. As we prepare to make our next trip to impacted areas, we ask that you please consider donating to credit unions impacted by the hurricane. Donations to the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation or to CU Aid assist credit unions, their teams, and their families working to get through this hardship. Whether it’s restoring power to ensure families can keep medication and food refrigerated, purchasing diapers for children in need, or providing tarps to protect institutions from the next round of rain, every penny helps with recovery efforts.

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