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BEAT the HEAT: Just ask George!

Stay out of the heat. Let George, our Auto Advisor, find the best version of your preferred car. He has the connections!

If you select a vehicle that George locates for you, and you choose to finance your vehicle with Gold Coast FCU, you will receive:

  • 3 months deferred payment, AND
  • a 0.25% rate discount* AND
  • a $50 GAS card

In addition, if you add our GAP or DPW (Depreciation Protection) coverage, you will be eligible for two ‘skip payments’ annually for the life of the loan.

Get pre-approved by logging on to your online banking account and clicking "Apply for a Loan". Then call George at 561-433-6554 and let him find your car, while you enjoy the air conditioning!

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*a floor rate of 1.99% is possible for GCFCU members.


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